Google’s enterprise productiveness suite is getting its fourth model in 14 years. This enterprise app suite was initially referred to as “Google Apps for Your Area” when it launched in 2006, then “Google Apps for Work,” then “G Suite” in 2016, and now it is “Google Workspace.”

Google says, “Our new Google Workspace model displays this extra related, useful, and versatile expertise, and our icons will mirror the identical.” Google’s “extra related expertise” shipped two months in the past in Gmail, which acquired a merged interface with Google Chat, Meet, and Docs on the Internet. For customers of G Suite—erm, I imply “Google Workspace”—Gmail was was a one-stop productiveness store, with the power to open chat rooms and paperwork proper within the Gmail interface.

As a part of this announcement, Google Meet video chat can also be coming to the person Google doc editors (Docs, Sheets, and so on). Proper now there’s solely textual content chat inside a doc, however quickly you’ll press a video chat button to collaborate.

Together with the brand new model comes new icons, most of which match the four-color motif Google has been rolling out throughout its ecosystem. Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet are all getting new four-color icons. It additionally seems like Google Chat is getting a brand new icon, although it is simply inexperienced (examine the present Google Chat web page to an mirror).

Google’s new icon motif seems very Googley, nevertheless it additionally strips icons of any distinctive coloration identification, which makes them more durable to inform aside. Gmail was once pink, Calendar was once blue, Drive was once inexperienced/yellow/blue, Docs was once blue, Meet was once teal. Now they’re all multi-colored with solely the shapes to inform them aside. A lot of Google’s new icons are like this, they usually appear geared extra towards being recognizable in an app retailer search quite than in a person’s app drawer. In an app drawer, each Google app icon would be the identical 4 colours and will likely be laborious to inform aside, however in an app retailer search, the place there’s one multicolored Google icon in a sea of competitor outcomes, the Google icon will likely be straightforward to identify.

The Google Drive icon was once cleverly coloured to characterize the three most important Google Docs file sorts: Google Docs (blue), Google Sheets (inexperienced), and Google Slides (yellow). With Drive getting a colorless four-color icon, it seems like there’s a new icon to characterize the assorted Google file editors: a multi-colored rectangle. It is actually not clear how this rectangle will likely be used. Google exhibits it as one of many 5 most important Google Workspace icons however then does not present it in use inside an app. The one animation it will get in Google’s presentation video exhibits Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Websites, Types, and Google Preserve all merging into this icon. Hopefully that simply means that is one thing just like the Microsoft Workplace emblem and will likely be used to characterize the suite.

It is fascinating that Google is together with Preserve within the lineup of apps beneath the unified rectangle icon, since Preserve is the one app right here that is not a part of Google Drive. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Websites, and Types all generate Google Drive information, however Google Preserve doesn’t. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Websites, and Types can all be created and opened from, however Google Preserve can’t.

Anyway, count on these icons to roll out throughout the Internet and all of your apps within the coming weeks.

Itemizing picture by Google


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